Isolator Sleeves, Telescopic Cuffs and Gloves

We specialise in the supply of isolator sleeves and telescopic cuffs, as described in our product brochure. Our double-layer sleeves are RF welded to a very high standard, and can be sized to suit shoulder rings from 180 mm to 350 mm diameter. Our cuff system allows the use of a wide variety of gloves to suit the operators and the process, and gloves can be changed in-process without break of containment, if necessary.

We advocate the use of sleeve / cuff / glove assemblies as opposed to single piece gauntlets for reasons of GMP.  Gauntlets are not easy to change and therefore they are left in place for long periods of time. Firstly this means the operators have to use gauntlets of a fixed size which severely limits dexterity, and secondly the gauntlets will become steadily less clean on the operator side, over time.  We suggest that frequent change of inexpensive gloves presents fewer risks to the product and to the operators. Our sleeves and cuffs have been in use for over 30 years with large and small pharma companies, in both aseptic and high containment applications.